The dot is a gel, dime-sized sticker that can be placed on any object. The dot is controlled through the app on your phone, solving the problem of ever losing an item again!

When first logging onto the app, an onboarding process appears to take a user through the journey of adding your dots. A simple step for the user to understand what to do with the product and app before using it. Given the option to "Skip tutorial" allows the user to feel a sense of control and they're not wasting their time viewing the tutorial.


Be able to send off a sound to help find the misplaced item. A beep will project from a speaker to the specific dot matched with that object.


The light will flash from the dot, which is placed on that item, when lost. Creating an obvious visual of where it is, especially in a small or dark space.


Always know where an item is by viewing the dot on the map or navigating to it! View all dots at once or one specific dot, allowing a clear visual to the user.


Inside the dot are 3 parts; a GPS tracker, light, and speaker. Through the app the user can find an item with the help of the dot attached to it! Use the GPS tracking inside the dot to view or find it from your phone, the light to send off a flashing light, or the speaker to give off a sound, allowing the dot to be seen or heard.
Dot's will be sold in packages, each containing 6 individual dots. This allows the user to place multiples on their favorite or most often lost items.
After placing a dot on an item, a QR code associated with the specific dot will appear on the package. The app will scan that QR code when adding a new dot.




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